Hmong Ball Toss


Seniors Grace Her and Devonn Tanner win the Hmong Ball Toss.

Gia Cruz, Staff Writer

Today at Hoover High, leadership hosted an event based on the Hmong culture in the quad at lunch. They held a few matches of POV POB, also known as Hmong ball toss.

Around 18 students participated in each match. They partnered up, grabbed a ball, and formed two lines about ten feet apart to begin. The goal was to throw the ball back and forth to each other without dropping it. If one of the partners dropped the ball, they were eliminated for that match. The last remaining duo won.

The students started tossing the balls to each other, and after every toss they backed up another foot.

Every duo was off to a great start, but as they started to back up, people started dropping the balls.

There were some experienced athletes that participated in the game, and even some of them were eliminated within the first few minutes. Each game lasted around five minutes.

Two of the victorious duos were Brianna Leyva and Joanna Thoa, both in 9th grade, and Grace Her and Devonn Tanner, both in 12th grade.