Chainsaw Man Manga Receives Anime Adaptation

June 9, 2022

Chainsawman has been a popular comic book.

Chainsawman has been a popular comic book.

Chainsaw Man is a manga created by Tatsuki Fujimoto published through Shonen Jump. The story focuses on Denji, a poor young boy who meets a dog-like chainsaw devil named Pochita.  He makes a contract with the devil and inherits chainsaw-relate powers. With this, he joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, an association that fights rampant devils to protect the vulnerable society.  

As of December 2021, over 12 million copies were sold, and the manga has been nominated and won several awards in manga categories including: Shogakugan Manga Award and Harvey Award.  

The series success has led to its recognition by MAPPA studios, the animators of other hit series like Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Kakegurui. Through several trailers released on YouTube, the company announced that they are in production for an anime adaptation of the manga. It is teased that it will release sometime in 2022.  

With these developments, how do Hoover students feel about the hot manga’s adaptation? David Lor thinks, “Everyone’s hyped around the adaptation.”  

Especially when series have high expectations, there is a tendency that audiences will over-hype the show. Then, when the adaptation even underperforms slightly, fans will believe that the adaptation is under par.  

Devin Doungmala shared, “Animation is important. Look at Seven Deadly Sins, the animation is bad, but story is good. And Demon Slayer, if the animation was bad, the story would not make up for it.” Devin makes a good point. There is a lot of pressure on MAPPA studios to produce quality animation for the hyped story. Cases like Seven Deadly Sins proves that even with a stellar story, animation can ruin an anime.  

Hun Kaboua said, “I’m excited for the adaption, but concerned about the fanbase.” Hun reveals and important consequence of popular anime. Toxic fanbases. Some examples like My Hero Academia and Genshin Impact who have hyperactive communities with many fans who take things to the extreme and make enjoying anime uncomfortable. The Chainsaw Man community is prevalent in social media, so there is a worry that it will turn into a toxic community.  

The news of Chainsaw Man’s adaptation comes with lots of hype, excitement, and worries. From the concerns to how the anime will perform to the communities that will emerge, all there is to do is wait until its long-anticipated release.  

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