Hoover’s Class of 2022 Walks the Stage at Graduation Ceremony



ASB Vice President Ernie Palomino gives an inspiring speech to the class of 2022.

Heaven Jay, Staff Writer

Hoover High School’s class of 2022 celebrated their accomplishments throughout their four years of high school by walking across the stage to receive their diplomas on June 6, 2022, at the Save Mart Center.

Fresno Unified Trustees, the Superintendent of the school district Bob Nelson, and elementary and middle school principals from the Hoover region, all took the time to come and celebrate the many seniors who graduated and showed them how much their achievements meant to not only them but the family and friends who showed up for them as well.

Hoover’s Principal, Rebecca Wheeler, began the graduation with an honest speech about the resilience of the seniors who went through COVID and still managed to keep going. The graduates and their families were filled with many emotions as their children and loved ones were about to finish one of the biggest chapters of their lives yet.

However, the principal was not the only one who had something inspiring to say. Ernie Palomino, Hoover’s ASB Vice President, gave a speech honoring the senior class. Then, Thaila Storm, one of the many class valedictorians, gave her speech on the challenging struggles that seniors experienced throughout high school, how they have more to overcome in their upcoming experiences, and that their resilience is what will help them through those times.

Finally, the last student speech, given by Augustine Barajas, reminisced over the many trends and fun memories that every student had been exposed to, from Tide Pods to COVID.

As the students began walking across the stage to receive their diplomas, family and friends were cheering for the students they came to see. Once all the diplomas were passed out, Ms. Watts helped guide the seniors in moving their tassels to the other side of their caps, officially making them graduates of Hoover High School and no longer seniors.