Installed School Spirit Banners Inspire Students and Staff



New signs adorn the poles at Hoover High School.

John Banuelos, Staff Writer

New decorations were installed by work crews in the hallways of Hoover’s campus this week. The new banners say “Hoover High” and others state “Welcome to Patriot Territory.” The cafeteria and front office also got new window banners that show off school spirit, displaying the word “Patriots” amongst other inspiring ideas.

Hoover also got a new symbol of the letter “H” to represent Hoover’s name.

While walking down the school hallways, you can also see posters on the ceilings that read “Home of the Patriots.”

Hoover Student Benjamin Herrera said, “I like the colors of the banners and the meaning behind them.”

Hoover High School Teacher Mrs. Cook shared, “I think they look really nice. I like how they reiterate the school’s values.”

Next year, incoming freshmen and returning students will see these banners encouraging them to start off the year right.

New banners hang on the ceiling of the hallway, remind students to do things such as “participate” and be “tenacious.” (John)