Mr. Araiza Seeks to Support His Students

Many students may be struggling in math and be bad at it. Mr. Araiza, a 9th grade math teacher at Hoover High School, helps students try to understand math.

Mr. Araiza started as a math teacher at Hoover this year after instructing in e-learning the previous year.

“I chose to work here because when I was getting interviewed, I was being interviewed by the principal, and I really liked the questions she asked me,” stated Mr. Ariaza. 

One challenge he has when teaching math is trying to help students understand how important math is in the real world. 

Something that he likes about being a teacher is getting to help and work with students. 

“I like working with people,” he shared. 

Before he worked as a teacher, he worked at Fresno Humane Animal Services for seven years. He has three cats that he adopted from the Humane Services. 

“When I’m not at work I’m playing video games, watching football, and hanging out with my family,” said Mr. Araiza.