Multimedia Teacher at Hoover Encourages Students to be Creative


Mr. Gage, who is a Multimedia teacher at Hoover, wants to encourage his students to put out their imagination into Photoshop. He expects his students to have fun designing their photos and do something creative.

He had been positioned as a teacher on special assignment, but when the workplace downsized, his assignment ended so they placed him back at a school.

He didn’t choose to be a Multimedia teacher, but when he started to teach his class, he realized this was a great opportunity to inspire students to learn and be creative.

When he is in the classroom, he wants students to learn technology, but he also has bigger goals in mind.

“I want them to know that the decisions they make have consequences. The good decisions bring good consequences and the bad decisions bring bad consequences… If you work hard, you can be successful,” he shared.

Aside from teaching Multimedia, Mr. Gage also leads a club, on top of other duties.

”Right now, I am a club advisor and club sponsor for MESA. I also do activities that are school related but not student related,” he explained.

During his personal time, Mr. Gage entertains himself with hobbies such as gardening.

“I like to read, I do some baking, and I sometimes enjoy stuff around the house like gardening and fixing things,” he explained.

Ultimately, for Mr. Gage his family is the reason he gets up in the morning, and they are the reason he comes to work. He wants his family to have a better life than he did, so he works hard for his family to have an advantage he never had in his life.

In his classroom, Mr. Gage encourages his students to dream big and use their imagination to become successful. He wants his students to practice because it’s the only way it can make them do better at everything. He does it so they can become knowledgeable and so they can come up with ideas on their own to improve their creativity.

This year at Hoover, he will continue to strive for the success of his students by supporting them in these practices.