Marine Biology Instructor Mrs. Orozco Teaches Passion for the Ocean

Hoover teacher Mrs. Orozco supports students learning about science and life.

Nerissa Arias

Hoover teacher Mrs. Orozco supports students learning about science and life.

Nerissa Arias, Editor

Tamara Orozco is Hoover High School’s Marine Biology teacher. She has been a part of our region for twenty years, having taught at Ahwahnee Middle School as well as Hoover High School. Mrs. Orozco was a student teacher at Hoover, when she was asked to take on the role of being one of our teachers back in 2003-2004. She is also our Science Enrichment Club director on campus. 

“I love teaching at Hoover, and I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work at Hoover High School for 15 years and Ahwahnee Middle School for 5 years. It’s always felt like home at Hoover. Through all twenty plus years of teaching, I have always been in the Hoover region,” she expressed.  

As a child, Mrs. Orozco grew up in Santa Barbara, living the beach life. She has always been so fascinated by our ocean and the life that lives within such a beautiful and peaceful place. Growing up she used to dig for sand organisms and shells. While she was in the water, she would dive deep to see better views of what our ocean has to offer.

“I have always been so intrigued by the big blue; I find it so interesting how our Earth is covered by a large percentage of oceans, and we have only discovered a small precent of what’s living underneath,” she exclaimed. 

Mrs. Orozco wanted to have multiple different careers growing up. First, she wanted to be an architect, then a professional beach volleyball player. and then a doctor in the medical field.

Her parents were part of the reason she decided to become a teacher. They were also teachers, and she loved the way her parents could be at school while she was and at home while she was on break. She knew one day she also wanted to have a family of her own, so she strived to become at teacher.  This would enable her to be a mother and a wife to her family while still making a career out of school.  

“Being younger, it was hard to really dial in on what exactly I wanted to be because I found the great interest in so many different things, but I’m glad I made the choice of teaching because I can’t see myself doing anything different,” she shared. 

Outside of being a dedicated teacher, Mrs. Orozco enjoys being a mother to her son and a wife to her husband, as well as having amazing friends and colleagues.

She absolutely loves being outdoors in nature and wildlife, being active and spontaneous, and taking all kinds of trips.

As a teacher, she works hard to make her classroom a safe place for her students. She wants to be a teacher her students feel comfortable being open with.  

“I hope my students know and understand that I’ll always be someone they can turn to for anything. I’m here to help my students in any way possible and guide each and every one of them to the path of extreme success. I know my students are capable of doing the impossible.”