In Memorial of Nicholas Aldaz Martinez

VD Aranda, Editor

Many people knew Nicholas, affectionately known as Nico. Those people were affected by his goofy attitude with his friends and his contagious smile and laugh.

In theater class, Nico was loved by many of his friends. Looking over, I could always see them smiling and laughing with him. Every scene he did in class made us all laugh and smile.

Personally, I didn’t know him as well as everyone else around him; however, my brother recalls how Nico swung him around with his hands and how fun it was for him.

Nico was one of the only people in that class that I wish I could have been friends with, but I was too stuck in my own world to appreciate the boy with a heart of gold. Recently, I have noticed that some of his friends aren’t as happy as usual now that he’s gone, it’s like they have lost a part of themselves when he passed. It has been very difficult for all those ho knew him.

The 14th of January will forever be a sad time for the Martinez family and friends. Nico was a bright and loving child who was gone way before he should have been. Nico was loved by many, and he made so many people smile.

Nicholas did not deserve to pass away like he did, Nico deserved to live a long and happy life.

Nico was surrounded by friends and family as he was honored at his funeral. The people closest to him were affected the most. Many others who were not as close still felt destroyed over this upsetting loss.

Nico was the brightest of the bunch. Many people think that shooting stars are lucky, but we were lucky to have someone as smart and caring as Nico in this dark world. My thoughts and prayers go out to Nico’s family as they continue to heal from the grief and loss they are currently feeling. May Nico rest in peace.