Getting Over your Fear of Failure


Failure is something we all fear in this society, but with failure, you have the opportunity to improve. We all try our hardest to be successful and get things right the first time around, even if it’s a test, homework, or even if you’re an athlete coming home from a bad game.
You can always fix your mistakes and always remember there’s always room for improvement. So before the next big test, game, or obstacle comes up, prepare yourself. Go over what you know about your subject, get extra help, or practice and look into what you can do to improve. This mindset can be applied to any life situation.
Don’t be scared of failure, because in life you’re going to mess up eventually, nobody’s perfect. So, if u fail just get back up and look for improvements because if you’re too scared to fail, you’ve already failed before you even started.
I learned this from first-hand experience while playing basketball. I would go out to parks and gyms where I would play for hours, but I always would struggle to go around players that were bigger than me because I was scared of getting blocked because of the embarrassment. I was used to being in my comfort zone and it would mess me up during games. For a while, I struggled until my dad told me if I kept playing scared, I’ll never grow as a player and will make no process of trying to get better.
So, the next few times I went out I would size up with the biggest player on the other team and try to go around them. Even though time after time I constantly keep getting either stopped or blocked, I took those chances to see what I needed to improve on and what to do next time I played.
Once I finally got the hang of it after many times failing and asking for advice from players that were more experienced than me, I finally learned how to go around opponents that were bigger than me. There’s always room for improvement you just must be willing to learn. And when you learn, you get over your fear of failure.