New English Instructor Begins Teaching Journey at Hoover High School


Mrs. Myers standing at the ready to teach students all things English.

Emily Myers is a brand-new teacher here at Hoover in room 21. She is enthusiastic about being able to teach English at Hoover.  

“It’s been my dream job since high school,” she stated. 

Now that she has achieved her dream, she is off to a strong start teaching 9th and 12th graders. She plans on teaching for as long as she can to gain more experience and become the best teacher possible. 

Mrs. Myers prefers In-person teaching because she can make better connections with her students when they are face to face. Now that Mrs. Myers teaches English here at Hoover, she can see everyone and if someone is sick or not able to go to school, she can still talk to them through Teams.

“I can see them every day,” she shared.

Mrs. Myer’s love of English started at a young age. Her childhood dream was to become an English teacher.

To her English is valuable because, “Being a good reader and writer means you can do just about anything.”  

Mrs. Myers enjoys reading and writing, but she has one topic in English she especially adores. “Shakespeare, I’m so excited for Shakespeare,” she pronounced.  

When asked what her favorite Shakespeare play is, Mrs. Myers responded with Romeo and Juliet.  

“It was the first [I] read and the first [I will teach],” she remarked.  

Mrs. Myers plans to teach here at Hoover for as long as she can, meaning that she will get to teach everyone Shakespeare. She also said that she will teach Shakespeare for, “As long as I teach.”  

 As she continues to teach English and Shakespeare, Mrs. Myers will surely have an impact on her students.