Ms. Perez Helps Students Overcome Their Fear of Art

October 18, 2021


Ms. Perez is ready to welcome students into her class to learn drawing and other art skills.

Many students experience apprehension at the thought of stepping into the world of art. Students often have a belief that art should be a masterpiece, which can be a very intimidating mindset. They think that in order to even try art, they must already be good at it. However, Maddalena Perez, an art teacher at Hoover High School located in room 88, welcomes everyone no matter what their experience is.  

Despite this being only her second-year teaching at Hoover High School, she already feels connected with both students and staff.

“I feel like I definitely know everybody, and I’m still getting to know them more,” she shared.

After teaching virtually the previous year, Perez explained, “I try to improve my relationships with students, keeping it positive.” 

Perez started her teaching career as a history teacher, but she also had her art credential as well.

She said, “I always liked art in high school.”  

As much as she enjoyed teaching history, a new opportunity to teach art at Hoover came along.

“I decided to go for it. I took the big leap, and then I decided I really liked it. It’s a lot of fun when you can be creative.” 

When a new school year begins, Perez understands the nervousness of all students. She starts the year off by talking to her class about anxiety.

If you knew everything, why would you need school? You take an art class, and you get a little better.”

— Ms. Perez

“It’s normal to be afraid of it.” She added, “If you knew everything, why would you need school? You take an art class, and you get a little better.”  

By doing so, she hopes to ease the tension between students and art. 

Her favorite thing to teach is drawing. She expressed, “For a lot of people, drawing is very scary….The most enjoyable thing for me is when I can teach kids how to draw and them be like ‘Wow, I got so much better!’ It feels nice.” 

Although, students may struggle on where to begin with art. Perez said, “We all have to start somewhere.” 

With that type of encouragement, all her students, including those who are apprehensive, are becoming less anxious artists. 

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