New Counselor Finds Students’ Potential

Mr. Chongtoua is happy to support Hoovers students.

Mr. Chongtoua is happy to support Hoover’s students.

Cassandra Delara, Staff Writer

Nathan Chongtoua a new counselor here at Hoover, and he is determined to help students with their academic and social-emotional needs as well as planning for their paths to college and careers. 

Every day when he comes to school, Mr Chongtoua finds ways to encourage and support students. Regularly, he does check-ins with his students, reviewing if they are on track for A-G requirements and helping sign up students for Edgenuity if needed.  

He shared that, “finding students’ potential,” is why he works in this job.

As a counselor, he’s the first-person students greet and when new students enroll here at Hoover.  Counselors welcome and show students around the campus helping them find their way and making sure they have a great school year.  

“I enjoy being a counselor. It’s very rewarding,” he added. 

Growing up, he wasn’t sure he wanted to be a counselor until he was a substitute counselor at Edison and Sunnyside and tutoring high school students while still being in college. By doing this he found out he really enjoyed working with students and wanted to take the field of counseling.   

Mr. Chongtoua attended Clovis East, UC Davis and did his master’s program at Fresno Pacific University.  Some of his enjoyments are playing soccer, working out, and eating asada fries at Doghouse Grill.  

This year Mr. Chongtoua will continue to guide students down the right path to help them achieve their dreams.