Cutest Creature Competition: Capybara Vs. Blunthead Tree Snake


The Cute Capybara. Illustation by Katie Mooneyham.

Katie Mooneyham, Staff Writer

This month in our lineup of weird, wonderful animals, two lesser known animals are fighting for the role of cutest creature: the Capybara against the blunthead tree snake.
Our first animal is the big, loveable guy named capybara! Pronounced (cap-y-bar-a) these adorable guys can be found in South America from Panama to Argentina. They are part of the rodent family and are closely related to guinea pigs.
Yup, the little guinea pigs so many people wanted as kids, but now even bigger. Around 4.2 feet long, these loveable guys live in caves in small family packs and are known for being very good swimmers. Because of that they are sometimes called “water hogs.” A group of capybaras is called a herd.

For our other contestant, we have our reptilian scaled cuties! This month, our reptile choice will be the blunthead tree snake! An animal some fear for its snake relatives, this thin noodle-like snake that can be found in Mexico.
Blunthead tree snakes are known for their large head and eyes, yet string-like bodies. Their small bodies have been measured up to two feet, seven inches. It uses its eyes the most, unlike its other reptilian cousins who are known for their poor sight.
Blunthead tree snakes have very little food variety, which makes sense due to its small head. Yet the food it does eat might shock you! Females, who have the larger head, can be seen at night hunting for prey like little lizards, frogs, and other reptiles. They can be found in low forests in warm environments.
Now for the fun part! After reading about both amazing animals, you, yes you, get to go vote on who you find to be the cutest animal! You can go to the link right below to go our Instagram and vote! Share with people who you think would find this interesting, so we can announce are winner for the next “Cutest Creature” round up!

Which one is cuter: the capybara or the blunthead tree snake?


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