Flag Football Engages Students At Lunch

Anthony Gonzales, Staff Writer

Hoover students played flag football in the sun on the quad during lunch on March 24th. There were two flag football teams with a variety of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who wore red and blue flag belts.

Red team scored the first touchdown with a long five play drive pass to freshman Edwin Jimenez. Then on the following kick-off the blue team ran it five yards away from their end zone and sprinted the ball in the next play for a touchdown from freshman Stacy Kursh. Then the red team took the ball from the one yard line where the blue team scored and racked up a touchdown on the first play of the drive with a pass to sophomore Elijah Brown who took it all the way to the end zone.

During the next drive blue team kept pounding the ball down the field and freshman Lavar Carter caught the ball over sophomore Elijah Brown in the end zone to tie the game for a blue team touchdown. The game score was back and forth, but the red team put up the win.