Anime Club Explores Japanese Culture


Anime Club in Room 81

Jinnson Lim, Staff Writer

Every Friday during lunch, Hoover students come together in room 81 for Anime Club to watch anime, play fun games, and explore Japanese subcultures.  Club members socialize and bond over a common interest, Anime.  

Anime is any form of animation produced from Japan. The term spans across a diverse range of topics, not just limited to animation. From anime comics (manga) and music to anime styled games and art, anime touches a wide span of interests. The massive exposure of Anime has led to the emergence of Anime-themed clubs within schools, universities, and even in online platforms. But what is an Anime Club?  

Miss Vue, Art Teacher at Hoover, and Advisor for the Anime club explains, “The anime club is promoting Japanese pop culture; it could be from anime manga or Japanese culture itself.”  

Anime clubs are centers of socialization for individuals with the same interest in Japanese culture to interreact, discuss, and socialize. Even though Hoover has had many Anime clubs during previous years, what really inspired Miss Vue to revive the club was, “the fact that we had a lot of interest in anime.”  

At Hoover, there has been a surge of anime interest with students wearing anime themed shirts, backpacks, and talking about the latest releases, so it makes sense to have an anime club where students can come together and talk about their interests.  

Moving forward, how will continue to have more activities.

Natacha G., sums it up clearly through her motivation to become President of the Anime Club, “I decided to because I thought it would be fun.”  

Moving forward, how will continue to have more activities. They will host more unique and engaging activities for club members to enjoy. From Japanese paper, rock, and scissors, to making ramen from scratch, there will always be something fun to do.  

Club member, Hun K. says, “I like that we not only focus on anime, but other parts of Japanese culture.”  

Don’t get the misconception that the club just watches anime every meeting. They focus on exploring the culture of Anime as a whole. 

Recently, Miss Vue announced, “We have the convention coming up this Saturday on March 19.” The club trip is to Ani-Me Con, the Central Valley’s largest anime convention. 

Conventions are like county fairs, but with a specific focus on a subculture or interest. In the case of Ani-Me Con, the focus is Anime. There are many activities, events, and vendors that pop-up for a limited time. From artist allies and game rooms to maid cafés and celebrity panels, conventions are hobby heavens for anime fans.   

Still debating or timid to check out the club? Here are a few words of wisdom from Miss Vue, “Just do it. If you never put yourself out of your comfort zone, you’re never going to find out what’s fun out there.”

“Just do it. If you never put yourself out of your comfort zone, you’re never going to find out what’s fun out there.” ”

— Miss Vue

So, whether you are a veteran from the “Golden Age of Anime” or just started your first anime, stop by the Anime Club in Room 81 every Friday at lunch. You won’t regret it.