Classic Movie Reviews: Dead Poets Society Still Worth a Watch


Aniya Valverde, Staff Writer

Although Dead Poets Society has been out for more than thirty years, this movie is timeless. The movie features Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, and Ethan Hawke as some of the main cast in the film.  

For those who have never seen the film, it revolves around a new English teacher, John Keating (played by Robin Williams), who is introduced to an all-boys preparatory school that is known for its ancient traditions and high standards. Keating uses unorthodox methods to reach out to his students, who face enormous pressures from their parents and the school. With Keating’s help, students Neil Perry (Robert Sean Leonard), Todd Anderson (Ethan Hawke) and others learn to break out of their shells, pursue their dreams and seize the day.  

Robin Williams is a very well-known actor in each one of his movies but in this specific movie, top critic, Angie Errigo, states that “Those attracted by his participation will not be disappointed.”  

Robin Williams part in this film is a memorable one as he was nominated for an Oscar for his role as Professor Keating. Robin Williams role was portrayed as a warm, caring and inspiring teacher who pushed his students to go against ideas of conformity and to pursue their dreams specifically during a time where going against conformity was looked down upon.  

Another movie critic, Solzy at the Movies, described Robin William’s acting as extremely special after the passing of Robin Williams and the phrase “O Captain! My Captain!” repeats in his memory.  

This film paved the way for both Ethan Hawke’s and Robert Sean Leonard’s acting career as they both played the role of two classmates who would be considered opposites but come to find out that they would have a deeper understanding of each other and who they wanted to be.  

For its key message, Dead Poets Society has a constant reminder of “Carpe Diem” which translates to “Seize the Day” in Latin. It serves as a reminder not only to us as viewers but also to the characters in the film to live life genuinely every day and to take hold of opportunities without letting them pass us. The film written by Tom Schulman leaves its viewers feeling inspired to become the best form of themselves while overcoming hardships from society or the people closest to you.  

Also, the use of poetry used in this film helps us as viewers understand the way the characters felt and saw the world but through poetry. Although older films may seem outdated, this specific movie is one that I highly recommend if you have ever felt like you were meant to be something greater.  

So, if you are in need of a good movie to watch, I suggest you go watch it today!  

Always remember, carpe diem. Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary.”