Hoover Key Clubbers Help Build New Feature of the Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Kevin Yang and Jinnson Lim dig holes for plants at the new Fresno Chaffee Zoo Zoorastic feature.

Kevin Yang and Jinnson Lim dig holes for plants at the new Fresno Chaffee Zoo Zoorastic feature.

Jinnson Lim, Staff Writer

Hoover’s Key Club members suited up with gloves and shovels on April 2nd to start their latest service project-the Fresno Chaffee Zoo’s newest area, Zoorastic Park.  

The project was hosted by East Fresno Kiwanis and the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.  Hoover students arrived at the break of dawn to help construct Zoorastic Park, a name that is a play-off of the book and movie title Jurassic Park.  

The area started out as bare, uneven dirt. From there, students poured wheelbarrows of decomposed granite and leveled the ground with rakes. Once hundreds of square feet were covered, volunteers moved pallets of stone bricks to layout a lattice pathway.  

After all the heavy straining work, Key Clubbers began building vegetation, transporting potted plants into the ground, and laying out crates of sod grass. At noon, everyone took a lunch break where tomato penne pasta, sauteed green beans, and salad were served. Then recharged, everyone powered through the summer heat and finished up the area.  

In the end, the Key Clubbers transformed the mundane wasteland into a blossoming paradise ready for upcoming parties and gatherings. 

This project was just one of the many projects in which Hoover’s Key Club participates. Key Club is an international program focusing on teaching students’ leadership skills through volunteering services and building one’s community. There are tens of thousands of high school Key Clubs with Hoover’s coming together every other Wednesdays in the Library. In these meetings, students discuss potential service projects and volunteer ideas to participate in. 

If you want to do acts of service for your community or make precious friendships ask Ms. Terri Brown in the library.