Silent Walkout Held by Students to Protest Social Media Post


A student shares his thoughts at the silent protest.

Many Hoover High School students walked out of class at 2:00 pm on Friday, May 6th to silently protest a racial post made by a student at another Fresno Unified school. A representative of the Black Student Union (BSU) came onto the loud-speaker and informed students that if they chose to, they could walk out of class in protest of the post.

At the protest, members of the BSU made speeches about the student who made the post. They gave their opinions about what the consequences for the student should have been.

Students also expressed their own feelings about the post and how it affected them. They addressed everything from using racial slurs to disrespect towards people due to their race or ethnicity.

Adults and students alike shared personal experiences they have been through when they endured physical violence or emotional trauma due to people’s beliefs about their race or ethnicity.